• Shine on Me - Tim Wells

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The sequel to Moonstomp: London, 1980 and Joe the skinhead werewolf has returned.

Chapter 3

The day was what the Stranglers would call ‘sicky yellow’. Not a radiant and healthy yellow, the sort best flushed away. The tube train was rattling its way through suburbs to the greenery on the fringe of east London. The trees of Epping Forest dug deep into ancient earth, the ground covered in leaves turning to mulch, the sun was dying lower and lower through their branches. As Joe watched through the window he saw a hawk stoop and rise from the grass with a leveret in its claws.

Joe tensed, he knew that every full moon he too became a predator, a beast. He wasn’t sure how or why, but he had no dispute about the what. When the moon was due to brim he tried to get distance between himself and people, especially the people he loved. In the old werewolf films, the cursed would lock themselves away when the moon reached its climax. The thing is there ain’t too many attics nor basements in east London you could chain yourself to of a night. Not unless you had the money and were into that sort of thing.

Joe got off the tube at North Weald, one of those weird tube stations that is countryside rather than London, and started to walk as the sky dusked. The forest still had some wilderness. The deer at Clissold Park had no chance, but so much death is so small an area just brought attention, there’s only so much east London considers ‘normal’. The forest had deer, badgers, rabbits. Joe hoped their blood could sate the savagery within him. As the horns of the deer rise to glory, so the beetle and worm creep to earth.

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Shine on Me - Tim Wells

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