• Lloyd & Glen - Mini Skirt & Go Go Boots /What You've Got

"Mini Skirt” was initially published in 1967 on the Jamaican 'COMET' label and on the American 'BRA' label and has never been released on vinyl in Europe, until now… Brilliantly produced, this mythic party dancer combines heavy frantic Rhythm and Soul, flamboyant horns, wild screaming vocals.

Today, this ultra rare track is heavily sought after by many collectors, from early “Reggay” fans, Skinheads to Mods, Soulies and 60s collectors. Today, over 700 “want” that track with prices of about 300 pounds for a near mint copy on Discogs!

Complete with a prominent beat and superb horns, the much in demand “What You've Got” was the perfect choice for completing our

For our B side, we chose a super fast Soul dancer, this time leaning more on the Northern Soul style., another great track by Lloyd & Glen. It has never been repressed on 7” vinyl since.

“What You’Ve Got” was released in 1967 on the WIRL label in Jamaica and on the Doctor Bird label in the U.K as the B side for “Feel Good Now”,Genre: Up-tempo Soul/Mod/Northern Soul dancer.

Jamaican Soul crossover single. Equally rare.

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Lloyd & Glen - Mini Skirt & Go Go Boots /What You've Got

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