• Skinhead Reggae 1969 - Various Artists

These lovingly selected tunes provided the soundtrack to the heady times of the late 60s, when Jamaica was creating music that resonated with a particular part of the globe, many miles away.

The Skinhead sound grew from the music that was coming out of Jamaica around 1968 to 1971 and was adopted by the British Youth. The music seemed tailor-made for their sharp look and natty dress style, a style that was heavily influenced by the Jamaican Rude Boy look.

From the Striker Lee vaults, fourteen "skin'ead" nuggets including great tracks such as Warfare, King Horror's disturbing Cutting Blade, Max Romeo's alarming cover of Blue Mink's chartbuster Melting Pot, the Hippy Boys' instrumental cut to Romeo's Wet Dream; Dreams To Remember and Lloyd Charmers' classic In The Spirit.  So twang yer braces, shine yer DM's and get stomping to the 1969 skin'ead beat!

Track Listing:

1. Bunny Lee All Stars - Warfare 
2. Derrick Morgan - The Conqueror
3. SS Binns - Bossa Moon
4. Derrick Morgan - Jack Slade 
5. Bunny Lee All Stars - Annie Pama 
6. King Horror - Cutting Blade
7. Bunny Lee All Stars - Revenge Of Clint Eastwood
8. Max Romeo - Melting Pot 
9. The Hippy Boys ft Max Romeo - Clap Clap 
10. The Des Allstars - Walk With Des
11. The Hippy Boys - Peace Maker
12. The Hippy Boys - Death Rides A Horse
13. The Hippy Boys - Dreams To Remember
14. Lloyd Charmers - In The Spirit

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Skinhead Reggae 1969 - Various Artists

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