• Born to Love You: Jamaican Love Songs - Various Artists

LP version. Jamaican love songs always came across as heartfelt poetry whether they conveyed a broken heart, unrequited love or even the message "it's all over don't bother to come back" anecdotes. But whatever the mood the singers of these songs were so good and versatile that putting such subject matter over in a few verses was always so moving and believable. Jamaican love songs were a constant in the ever-evolving sounds and journey that reggae music took its listeners on, from ska to rocksteady to the early reggae sounds of the late 1960s early 1970s. Kingston Sounds have complied a great selection of songs that all deal with that timeless subject matter. Max Romeo's heartfelt "Sometimes" opens our set in fine style, known more for his roots singing this song proves what a great singer he is. The Melodians a great Jamaican vocal group are featured here with "Best Girl". The Sensations provide the title track, "Born To Love You", and the theme for this compilation, a great rocksteady tune with fantastic harmonies. Alton Ellis gives the compilation the soulful "Room Full Of Tears". Ken Boothe rendition of Dennis Brown's "Money In My Pocket" is here, an ode that money cannot buy you everything. Cornell Campbell sings one of his most overlooked classic songs with his prideful "She Wears My Ring". The great singer of love songs himself, Mr. John Holt, tells his listeners that they should all "Reconsider" before giving up on love, and a great lost singer Monty Morris gives two great examples of how to find love in "Do It My Way" and "Magic Moments". A great selection delivered as only Jamaica can do with style and feeling. Also features Keith Blake, Danvan Carlos, and Johnny Clarke.

Track Listing:

Side One:

1. Max Romeo - Sometimes
2. Melodians - Best Girl
3. The Sensations - Born To Love You
4. Alton Ellis - Room Full Of Tears
5. Monty Morris - Do It My Way
6. Keith Blake - Blue Bird
7. Ken Boothe - Money In My Pocket

Side Two:

8. Cornel Campbell - She Wears My Ring
9. Dovon Carlos - Lover Girl
10. The Melodians - She Don't Care
11. John Holt - Reconsider
12. Johnny Clarke - Come To Me Softly
13. Monty Morris - Magic Moments
14. Cornel Campbell - Baby Be True

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Born to Love You: Jamaican Love Songs - Various Artists

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