• Hot Damn & Hell Yeah / The Dirty South - Ryan Splint

A new, completely redesigned and re-written third edition with a new recipe (Crazy Hippie Spring Rolls!) of two great vegan cookbooks combined! An anthology of Vanessa's "The Dirty South", meets Ryan Splint's Australian masterpiece "Hot Damn and Hell Yeah". HD&HY is a finely illustrated and designed collection of recipes that aren't afraid of spices but are suited for those into easy to find ingredients that don't taste like sawdust. The Dirty South is a unique take on southern cooking, vegan style with some tasty delectables, especially for those not afraid of garlic or baking. Sizzling with great cooking ideas and recipes, nutrition isn't always the first priority for either of these editors but the recipes are damn tasty!


In DIY you bust your gut and it sometimes feels like you don't get much in return. But there are exceptions to every rule. Hot Damn and Hell Yeah is an indispensible vegan cookbook, especially if you want to cook Mexican style food. There recipes are clear and simple,and avoid overly esoteric ingredients. Points also go to the amazing - and I mean really amazing - cartoons of skeletons on pretty much every page. It's a nice change from the normal clip art carrots and cauliflowers that most of my vegan cookbooks seem to have. I should probably also point out that its probably not the healthiest of vegan diets, but then again far healthier than any meat based diet! On the flip side is Vanessa Johnson's Dirty South cookbook, which I had come across before. If you're looking to spice up your diet, then you can't really go wrong with this book.

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Hot Damn & Hell Yeah / The Dirty South - Ryan Splint

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