• Chomsky on Mis-Education - Noam Chomsky & Donaldo Macedp (Introduction By)

Noam Chomsky's prolific writings have made him one of the most-quoted educators in history--the only living writer on a most-cited list that includes Plato, Shakespeare, and Freud. Yet until now, no book has systematically offered Chomsky's influential writings on education. In Chomsky on MisEducation, Noam Chomsky encourages a larger understanding of our educational needs, starting with the changing role of schools today, and broadening our view of new models of public education.

Chomsky weaves global technological change and the primacy of responsible media with the democratic role of schools and higher education. A truly democratic society, he argues, cannot thrive in a rapidly changing world unless our approach to education formal and otherwise is dramatically reformed. Chomsky's critique of how our current educational system 'miseducates' students and his prescriptions for change are essential reading for teachers, parents, school administrators, activists, and anyone concerned about the future.

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Chomsky on Mis-Education - Noam Chomsky & Donaldo Macedp (Introduction By)

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